Friday, 23 August 2013

At last we are on the road - our first night's free camping a Ceratodus on the Burnett Highway just north of Eidsvold.  I am glad we were not parked here when they had the floods as the top of our caravan would have been at least 6 feet underwater!  It is unbelievable how much water must of flowed through this area and the speed - it was recorded at 80kms per hour at Gayndah!

Fishing at Kurrimine Beach on the full moon.

One of the walk ways at Paronella Park.

Waterfall at night.

The lower cafeteria lit up at night.

Phil at Paronella Park in front of the ballroom.

Gympie, Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville all whizz by.  Some 1860 kilometres later we finally arrive in Cairns.  A very long drive indeed!  We had overnight stops at the Burnett River just north of Eidsvold, St Lawrence (both free camps), my sister's place at Walkerston  where we caught up with family, then Bushy Parker Park at Rollingstone (another free camp). Some really nice free camps along the way but to get a spot you need to get there early.  We then stayed at Kurrimine Beach at a Top Tourist Park - a lovely spot, then it was onto Paronella Park.  Paronella Park is really worth a visit -some people have magnificent dreams and put a lot of hard work into making those dreams come true.  The night walk was well worth it.  We had our first rain at Paronella Park but as it is just outside Innisfail I guess you could expect it!  From Paronella Park is was only a short drive onto Cairns where we are now.  We are parked up at David and Selena's place  - just as well they have nice wide footpaths. We are catching up on some washing, housework and shopping before we leave probably on Monday. 

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